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Celebration Ham - Cooked & Dressed

Celebration Ham - Cooked & Dressed
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Traditional on-the-bone dry cured ham for that special occassion.

Curing Firstly the hams are cured on the bone with a blend of sea salt, a blend of muscovado and Demerara sugars and spice. The hams take several weeks to cure and air dry before they are ready to be prepared for the table. At this stage the ham is expertly butchered to remove much of the bone ( this helps make carving a pleasure, not a chore) yet maintaining a ham shape with the hock still attached. The ham is then boiled before the skin is removed and dressed with honey and mustard and finally baked in the oven. Number of servings On a buffet table this ham will be enough for 40 to 50 servings. Small print show
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