Craig in amongst our pigsCraig Evans

Our pigs are born and raised on a neighbouring farm, run by Craig and Heather Evans and their son Keith.

The farm is a typical South Shropshire mixed farm producing cattle, sheep, Wheat, barley and of course pigs.

The pig herd is about 100 sows which supply the pigs for Wenlock Edge Farm, and two other local butchers. The pigs are predominantly Large Whites, and are kept on straw in open airy barns, where the welfare of the pigs is of the highest priority, as they are attended by Craig and Keith who are stockmen first and foremost. The definition of stockmanship is “the knowledgeable and skilful handling of livestock in a safe, efficient, effective and low stress manner”. This definition is particularly applicable to Craig and Keith. The pigs are of a very high health status and are free of anti biotic and artificial growth promoters. The pigs are fed a diet of mainly locally grown cereals.

The pigs are taken by trailer to a nearby small scale abattoir, less than 20 miles away, again small abattoirs are less stressful.

We believe that the lack of stress throughout the pigs’ entire life is a key ingredient to produce the highest quality pork and charcuterie products.

Craig and Peter have between them over 70 years’ experience in pig farming and pride themselves that the pigs produced are utilized to make pork products of unrivalled quality, and furthermore at Wenlock Edge farm "nothing is wasted except the squeal"